Meet the stylists


Chris is a strong believer in an individual's power to affect their destiny. When she co-founded her first salon, DestinationHair, hard work and a commitment to excel garnered her an international reputation and propelled DestinationHair from dream to reality.

Always seeking to reinvent, a new era is unfolding with the launch of Chris Lee and Leandro Salon. Stay tuned to see what unfolds!

Advanced education is a priority for Chris, who helped pioneer avant-garde hairstyling in Ottawa. She keeps and refines her edge by participating in international hair shows, competitions, and master classes, and by continually developing new techniques. Chris believes strongly in education and giving back to the community.

Chris's work has appeared in numerous publications and television programs such as Ottawa Life, Flare, Elle Quebec, The Montreal Gazette, FashionTelevision, Fashion File, and D. Her creations have also graced the pages of fashion catalogues such as Montreal label Morales and on-stage in a production of La Boheme.
These days Chris is focused on sharing her expertise through various mentoring channels - she is available for private training in many facets of the hair/fashion industry and business consulting in general. She has a special flair for motivational speaking. Naturally, these gems of wisdom are busily weaving themselves into a book even as you read these words. Stay tuned.


Possessing the creative abilities to be successful in the hair industry, Leandro has been in demand to work in many establishments. As co-owner of DestinationHair, he has perfected his craft and has continued to do so by pursuing advanced education and training techniques.

Leandro now brings his mastery to a new venture: Chris Lee and Leandro Salon.

With over ten years experience and a family history in the hair industry, Leandro remembers being asked on several occasions for professional recommendations before even considering a carrer as a hairstylist.

Through private training, an innate interest, and a strong vision, Leandro has followed his passion so that individuals could seek advice and receive image styling.